ConNEXTions Phone

With a Sandhill Connextions phone, you can count on clear, reliable phone service. Our Connextions phone includes unlimited calling to the U.S. and a number of convenient calling features such as Caller ID and Call Waiting. Stay connected with family, friends and business associates.


eMTA Phone Modem $7.00
Wireless eMTA Phone Modem $8.00
Additional Phone Line $19.95
Additional Voicemail (2-4 Accounts) $4.95
Customer Dialed Directory Assistance (411) $1.50 per use
Operator Dialed Directory Assistance $2.50 per use
Directory Listing FREE

Non-Published Listing

Non-Listed Rate



The Service Assurance Plan protects your inside Video, Internet & Phone wiring. This Plan covers service calls that require repair to Sandhill services inside your home. The monthly fee of $3.95 will be added to your monthly statement as a separate item. The Plan is optional and covers all inside wire related service calls, pursuant to the Plan’s terms, for as long as you subscribe to the plan. Please note that without the plan, you will pay applicable service call fees for each service call based on our standard $90 per hour rate.