High Speed Internet (up to 20Mbps X 2Mbps)

High Speed Internet (up to 40Mbps X 4Mbps)

High Speed Internet (up to 60Mbps X 6Mbps)

High Speed Internet (up to 100Mbps X 10Mbps)

Wireless Cable Modem






High Speed Internet (up to 25Mbps X 3Mbps)

High Speed Internet (up to 50Mbps X 5Mbps)

High Speed Internet (up to 100Mbps X 15Mbps)

High Speed Internet (up to 250Mbps X 25Mbps)

Wireless Cable Modem






Make your Internet streams come true with a Sandhill broadband connection. We have an Internet plan to match you. Plus, it’s unlimited so no more worries about data caps or overage fees. Use our home WiFi to connect multiple devices, stream movies and music, play games, and so much more.

Everyone knows backup is critical. Keepit service allows you to easily protect files on your computer to recover and “restore” them should the computer fail. Keepit is your easy backup solution. It offers a simple, secure and straightforward way to help backup family photos, videos and important documents. It’s a simple and award-winning online backup solution to secure your most important data from the accidental deletion of files to catastrophic data loss as a result from hardware failure or natural disaster like fire or flooding.

Available Packages

5 Gigabit 25 Gigabit 50 Gigabit 100 Gigabit 250 Gigabit
$.99 $2.99 $5.99 $9.99 $15.99
One time $10 activation charge applies.