Business Phone Systems

Sandhill offers our business Members a wide array of business phone options. Click below to see which option is best for your business.

Business Lines

Sandhill Telephone can provide the same simple solution for the same reliable service to your business as Sandhill Telephone does for your residential service. B1 lines are analog phone lines that can be used for phones and/or faxes. The B1 lines are a great solution for small businesses needing just one or two lines.


Sandhill Telephone offers a system called Centrex which can better serve the larger business. Centrex is a service that handles all switching and special features  from within the Sandhill Telephone central office instead of at the customer’s premises. This means there is no need for installation of bulky equipment to reside at your business, keeping you clutter free.  Individuals within the business can call each other using a 3 digit extension without tying up incoming phone lines. Sandhill Telephone has the ability to customize a Centrex system to meet your particular needs. Some features are call forwarding, call park, call retrieval, call pick up and page access. Special terms and conditions may apply to obtain this service.

Key Systems

Key Systems have some of the same features as Centrex. A key system allows a business owner to have a group number of incoming phone lines that will be shared between all employees. One feature of the Key System, similar to Centrex, is the use of individual extensions for the employees to prevent tying up incoming lines which reduces missed calls. The key system allows basic features such as on hold music, long distance restrictions, timers, memory dialing, intercom calling, paging, and more.  No minimum lines are required and Sandhill offers a lease or purchase program on the equipment.

VOIP (Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)

Special Circuits

Sandhill Telephone is ready and prepared to handle your needs no matter how large or small your company may be. In addition to our standard business phone systems, we offer many customizable Special Circuit solutions such as T1’s,  Fiber to the building, Ethernet Circuits, and more. If you are a business that is looking to move to our serving area, contact us today to see what solutions we can offer you.