Local Value Plans

Sandhill’s Local Value Nationwide calling packages include unlimited local calling and reduced rates (from 6.4 cents per minute down to 3.0 cents per minute) for nationwide minutes — anytime, anywhere in the U.S. — interstate (state-to-state), intrastate (within South Carolina), and regional (toll calls within the 843-calling area) — any day, with no restrictive calling times!

Rates for all Residential Calling Packages include:

  • Your local service rate
  • Your nationwide minutes
  • And, the $6.50 federal single-line end-user charge — most carriers add that charge to your monthly service bill!

For information about our Local Value 1500 and 2750 packages, call our office at 843-658-3434.

Other Local Value Features

Toll-Free Number Service – as part of our new calling packages, Sandhill offers free activation of one toll-free number, a $15.00 savings.

Convenience of one bill for all your local and nationwide calling charges — with other long distance and wireless carriers, you are billed separately from your local charges.

Location, location, location — Only Sandhill offers local and nationwide calling with a cooperative touch — plans and choices you won’t see from the national long-distance companies or wireless giants! You’ll also enjoy the one-to-one service you expect as a cooperative member, from a local provider, based here in our community, with people you know and trust.

Important Information about Sandhill’s Local Values Nationwide Residential Calling packages

Unlimited local calling refers to Sandhill’s local calling scope. Nationwide minutes include both your direct-dialed voice calls (modem usage is not included) and your incoming toll-free voice minutes (for members who use Sandhill’s toll-free number service).

No minimum service contract required — these plans are designed for you; it’s your cooperative.

Rates exclude authorized federal and state regulatory fees and charges, and applicable federal, state, and municipal and school district taxes; and EAS charges, where appropriate. Overage rates for the nationwide minutes in all Sandhill calling packages are 12 cents per minute; there are no penalties for switching between packages. Cooperative members who have not selected Sandhill Communications as their preferred long-distance carrier will need to complete and sign a “PIC change” form to take advantage of our Local Value Nationwide calling packages; Sandhill will waive the $5.00 federally authorized PIC change charge, as well as the $5.00 intrastate state-authorized PIC change charge.